Hi, I’m a designer with focus on visual communication

See how a sleepless cat transforms insomnia into sweet dreams: The sleep routine animation that could improve your nights!

In this 3D Animation a girl meets a Stegosaurus to show how big a Stegosaurus was.

How can technology be integrated with nature without diminishing a natural experience?

A prototype for an AR navigation within a wildlife park.

What can we discover about the bike traffic in Munich? Infographics, to visualize various aspects that affect the amount of bikes on the streets of Munich.
German article

Photography project. Pictures of facades around Munich that combine two or more colors.

Logo and businessgare design. This was a project during my internship with graphic designer Daniel Jacob. Meltem Baader is an aromatherapist and masseuse.

Three bookcover designs of Miyamoto Musashi’s “Das Buch der fünf Ringe”

Layout for a weekly calendar 2020. Including a goal overview, monthly and weekly overview, pages to reflect each month and enough space for custom adjustments.

Craft sheet design and illustration. This was the first time I’ve created a paper toy like that. It was quite fun and now I have my own Billie Eilish character at home.

Magazin pages layout design. Two fictional articles, one about a gym in Munich and the other about Kokedama, a small form of bonsai.