This augmented reality (AR) app helps you navigate the wildlife park in Poing. The app is an addition to the paper maps handed out at the entrance of the park and provides virtual animals which guide visitors to their real-life counterparts inside the park.

This app shows that technology can be integrated with nature without diminishing a natural experience.

You can scan the map with your smartphone to reveal the virtual animal guides.


Move the camera closer to the 3D model of the animal which you wish to visit.

A virtual version of the animal will jump out of the map right in front of you – ready to lead you through the park.

As you move closer to the virtual animal it will start running towards its real counterparts. Follow its tracks to keep up – but don’t worry – it will stop from time to time so you won’t get lost.

The interactions with this virtual animal are based on the physical movements of your phone which results in an unobtrusive experience.

Once you arrive at your destination the virtual animal will fade away, encouraging you to appreciate the actual animal.